Justice for Our Immigrants

“How is America different from every other country in the world? America is a unique and incredible idea because it is made up of so many parts that don’t seem like they should fit together, but is actually made better because of all the diversified pieces.” 


The quilt represents diversity which is what makes America so beautiful. The quilt is the mixture of people from different cultures, religions and ethnicities. However, it shows that due to racism and not really taking the time to get to know each other, dissonances exists in our country and we do not  embrace and appreciate each other until there is a tragedy. She gives 911 as an example of how we only come together when enemies threaten us. This quote by Anna Quindlen begs the question, What would New York City look like if all of our residents were considered valuable resources? 


The trump administration is now redirecting US border patrol agents who normally guard the US border to sanctuary cities like New York and Newark. Why? To assist immigration and customs enforcement officers in the removal of undocumented immigrants. Now the border patrol squad will back up Ice agents during apprehension and deportation operations. 


As city councilwoman, Zuri will:


  • Do everything possible to protect undocumented immigrants in New York City.


  • Defend DACA, stand against ICE and work to ensure access to legal counsel and public resources.

  • Restore  programs that have historically offered legal protection to hundreds of thousands of immigrants including Temporary Protection Status, which the US has conferred on citizens of countries that have suffered from catastrophic events such as natural disasters or armed conflict, and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which has allowed allowed almost 800,000 unauthorized immigrants who arrived as children to live and work in the US legally.

  • Advocate for more funding for US Citizenship and Immigration Services and naturalization programs. 

  • Fight to overhaul the visa system for workers and their families that  currently have application backlogs driving up wait times for visas and green cards.

  • Fight against predatory lawyers who play off the hopes and fears of vulnerable undocumented immigrants seeking legal immigration papers, green cards and visas.