Gun Control Legislation

Some may argue that if we have tougher gun laws, there is never going to be another school shooting. This is where I see this issue holistically . While tougher gun laws may be part of the solution, I also believe mental health services for all is another part of the solution . We also have to look at our young people that may be struggling. We also have to examine the role that social media is playing with these young people livesI believe creative innovative free and low cost mental health services that’s not a one size fit all is a solution. 

As city councilwoman Zuri will:


  • Fight for gun control legislation such as universal background checks.

  • I will support the assault weapon ban.

  • I support lifting the prohibition on gun violence research and study issued by the CDC

  • Increasing funding and access to school-based mental health and trauma-informed services, including the full complement of specialized instructional support staff (i.e. counselors and nurses)

  • I support the prohibition on federal funding to purchase firearms and firearms training for educators

  • I support preserving the Gun-Free School Zones Act

  • Advocate for comfort dogs (therapeutic), mindfulness and yoga as additional mental health options/prescriptions for our residents by developing partnerships with existing mental health community based organizations that offer these services .

  • Create opportunities for grants to create these much needed innovative and creative mental health options in our communities.


Our family dogs Lullaby and Cookie have provided therapy for the entire family. They put you in the moment and take away whatever stress you may have at the moment. 


Zuri and Michele Gay (Co -Founder of Safe & Sound Schools) and mother of a victim of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting, John Michael Keyes founder of "I Love U Guys Foundation," following a Platte Canyon High School school shooting that took the life of his daughter and Former Principal of Columbine High School, Frank DeAngelis.


Lullaby and Cookie our Family Dogs