As city councilwoman Zuri will:

  1. Advocate for full funding for NYC Fair Student Funding Formula.

  2. Advocate for  smaller classes, so that all students no matter what their background can receive the help and feedback from teachers they                 need for an equitable opportunity to learn. 

   3. Advocate for the expansion of early childhood initiatives, like special education pre - k classes, early Intervention and Head Start;


   4.  Advocate for encouraging state standards and assessments that are:

        Challenging , and test 21st century skills such as problem solving, creativity, critical thinking and entrepreneur

  • Advocate for enhancing the quality of the school counseling, social worker and teaching workforce by supporting

    • Funding to hire school counselors and social workers for All K- 12 schools. 

    • Lower the ratio of school counselors to students to provide more individualized support for our students in making academic and personal choices.

    • incentive pay for school workers who produce more student learning or teach in hard to fill subjects such as math and science

    • removal of persistently ineffective teachers from the classroom,

    • mentoring programs for new school counselors, social workers and teachers;


    5.. Incentivize school districts to require at minimum 60 minutes of physical education and/or recess per day for all students as per the                           American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation. Advocate for more creative and innovative options/pathways for students to fulfill            

          physical education school requirements.

    6.. Advocate for funding for tutoring services stipends for youngsters in undeserved communities.


    7.. Increase funding for Community Schools.

    8.. Mandate mandatory training for all school staff on bullying prevention and hold school staff accountable for resolving bullying issues in a

          timely fashion. 

    9.  Committ to ensuring that our NYC school system utilizes Culturally Responsive Education (CRE) to teach from a culturally sustaining and        

          responsive perspective