Climate Justice

As the planet heats up, bringing with it more drought, famine and extreme weather events, people will be left without access to basic human needs. Millions of people will suffer and die because of climate change, and as political leaders drag their feet to act on humanity’s biggest threat ever, those numbers will only increase.

Climate change isn’t simply a political or economic issue. It’s a human rights issue, perhaps the biggest one in human history. If we continue spewing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, we not only destroy ecosystems and drive species to extinction, we indirectly violate human rights.

Extreme weather events are more prevalent in a warming world, leading to death, destruction of property and crops and limited access to food, water, shelter, healthcare and education, 

There is a lot  at stake for humanity and the human rights threats if we continue to delay climate action. 


As climate change intensifies, people will be forced to adjust, investing billions of dollars in infrastructure or migration. Those who have more money can afford to move out of harms’ way. And those historically neglected or marginalized in society will only be further disadvantaged and threatened in a warming world.

Climate change doesn’t treat everyone equally. Low income communities, people of color and women will all be disproportionately affected as global temperatures rise. The inequality of climate impacts could be a continued hindrance to the progress of climate action.


To level the playing field, we must recognize the double-edged sword of climate change, which both violates human rights and disproportionately affects communities that are already most vulnerable.


As City Councilwoman Zuri will:


  • Advocate to  reduce greenhouse gas emissions as fast as possible. 

  • Advocate for clean air air economies, fair and equitable systems that don’t exploit lower classes but instead empower and enrich communities.

  • Support our city’s commitment to the Paris Agreement and advocate for funding to the Green Climate Fund, established to limit greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries and help vulnerable societies adapt to climate change.

  • Provide  accessible Climate Change workshops and conferences for community members.