Animal Rights

As  the mother of two amazing dogs Lullaby and Cookie (Lullaby was rescued from the North Shore Animal League) and animal rights advocate for many years, I believe that every living being who habitat this earth are deserving of certain rights, dignity, and protection by the law. We can no longer allow big animal agriculture companies to profit by the abuse, exploitation, and commodification of our animals. We can create a city where human beings and animals safely coexist without exploitation and abuse. To do this we must institute legislation that establishes legal rights, safety and protections for wildlife, farm animals, and domestic animals. Now is the time to stand up for our animals!

As Citycouncil Woman, Zuri will:

 1. Advocate relentlessly to make crimes against animals a part of NYC penal law as well as a mandated updated accessible public crime            



2. Relentlessly advocate to shut down New York City’s more than 80 live animal markets.  This will be  

    means of eradicating the cruelly to animals as well as stopping the risk of animal-borne diseases in 

    the wake of the coronavirus outbreak as well as other infectious diseases.



3.  Ban the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores statewide and ban shops from being able to   

     use the space to show adoptable animals.


3.  Eradicate the sale of cosmetics that use animals for testing.


4. Wayne State University has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on experiments in which dogs are  

     subjected to painful procedures and killed. I will advocate relentlessly to ban this practice. 


5. Advocate to end cruel and inhumane acts in rodeos.


6. Develop an animal cruelty database during which this listing is intended to be used as a tool by  

    those involved in the placement of animals and employment opportunities working with animals to    

    prevent cruelty and inhumane treatment. Individuals convicted of a felony or misdemeanor crime

    involving an animal victim will be listed on said database.

7. Advocate for humane education in schools.

8. End classroom incubation projects.

9. Ban the sale and manufacture of new fur apparel.


9.  I will advocate for  shelter animals e.g.comfort dogs,  as creative/innovative mental health options/

     prescriptions for our residents by partnering with animal shelters and existing mental health com        

     munity based organizations. This will give our animals loving homes while simultaneously providing mental health benefits to our families.